Matt & Kim Draw Huge MKA Turnout at the Wellmont Theater

by Amy Parker

Matt and Kim are an indie dance music duo from Brooklyn, New York. Their music is fast, fun, and full of energy, and their live performances fully reflect this enthusiasm.

Recently, they performed at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair on November 17th. After the opening act of Oberhofer, another Brooklyn band, the performance began around 8:00 p.m. It was energetic and exciting, drawing a surprisingly large crowd of MKA students. Few students who attended the concert did not run into at least one of their classmates, even in the chaotic sea of teenagers from the Montclair area.

Adding to Matt and Kim’s performance, lyric videos for many songs were projected behind the stage, encouraging fans across the theater to sing along. Both Matt and Kim lived up to their reputations as vehement performers: their constant dancing, as well as their personal interactions with the audience members, had the crowd going the whole night. At one point, Kim stood atop the hands of cheering fans as she danced over the crowd.

Matt and Kim’s show at the Wellmont Theater was the final performance of their Lightning tour. The duo began the tour more than a month prior, starting the day after the release of their latest album Lightning. Their set list included fan favorites such as “Daylight,” “Let’s Go,” and “Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare.”

Overall, the concert was a memorable event, full of great performers, great music, and even greater company. Let’s hope they perform at the Wellmont again sometime in the near future!

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