MKA Theater Goes Retro: Student Productions Tackle the 1950s, 60s, and 70s

by Zoe Ferguson

It seems that the present just isn’t enough for MKA actors. Instead, we have taken on a trend of pieces that look back in time to what many think was a better age.

In the Deetjen production All the King’s Women, actors played scenes from the 1950s well into the 1970s, all recollecting, in some manner, the impact of Elvis’ all-around fabulosity on America’s female population. The play didn’t even include Elvis as a character: instead, it indirectly told the story through brief glimpses at women’s experiences of the rock icon. Stars of the MKA production included Sarah Finn, Madeleine Colbert, and Krissy Bylancik, along with many others. Among the short scenes displayed in the production was a representation of The King’s famous visit to the White House in 1970, wherein he met President Nixon. The actresses in MKA’s production of All the King’s Women played secretaries at the Capitol who couldn’t handle their excitement at the idea of Elvis in their building. The girls did an excellent job – I know I was cracking up. (Unfortunately, the Deetjen Theatre is so small that you can hear – quite clearly, that is – all my loud, obnoxious reactions to funny lines and good comedic timing.)

In early March, the MKA community will be treated to an Upper School theater production of the musical Grease. Starring Kendall Barrett ‘14 as Sandy, Scott Hermo ‘13 as Danny, Dana Placentra ‘13 as Rizzo, and John Higgins ‘14 as Kenickie (“A hickey from Kenickie is like a Hallmark card”), the cast is sure to blow this one out of the water. They have been diligently rehearsing, with the exception of Winter Break, focusing on their staging, lines, and choreography. The musical portion of rehearsals is set to begin soon.

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