The Colbert Report

by Ariana Puzzo

As a lifer at MKA, and as an avid reader and writer, the Book Fair has always been an exciting time of year for me. I often reflect on past Book Fairs with nostalgia as I remember how excited I used to get looking through all of the new books, picking which ones I would purchase, and meeting some of my favorite authors. As I have gotten older, while I still look forward to browsing through new books, I have come to await with greater anticipation the announcement of the name of the visiting author. This year’s author, much to the excitement of the student body and faculty, was none other than Stephen Colbert.


Over the years, many of us have either met or seen Mr. Colbert around campus, as he is the father of three MKA students, including two Upper Schoolers, Madeleine and Peter. But still, as he walked onto the stage to the speaker’s podium, the auditorium bustled with cheers and enthusiasm. I could see, as he stood there surveying the audience, that those around me were already captivated by his presence. As he spoke to us, casually switching back between his character’s persona and his own, MKA students were able to see Mr. Colbert in a completely raw and unique light.


Mr. Colbert’s preview of his new book, America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren’t, was not only hilariously witty, but also intriguing to many students. It is without hesitation that I can say that I, and the entire Upper School community, immensely enjoyed Mr. Colbert’s visit to our school, and as always, experienced another wildly successful Book Fair at MKA.

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