Gender Diversity at MKA: Trick or Treat

by Alex Stern

I remember Halloween being one of my favorite holidays when I was a kid. I’d dress up in a costume and run from house to house with my friends as we collected candy and other goodies. Then we’d go back to one of our houses and compare our respective hauls.

But once you reach high school, Halloween changes from a fun night filled with trick-or-treating, into a night of parties and mischief. However, one thing that’s stayed the same is that, no matter how old you are, people still like to dress up in costumes. When we were kids, these costumes were often superheroes and princesses.

But once you get older, the costumes get more substantially more inappropriate. Girls now take Halloween as an opportunity to dress as sexually as possible. What was once a witch has now become a “slutty witch.” If girls want guys to stop objectifying them, a good place to start might be dressing more respectably on Halloween. •

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