Library Leadership Reveals New Goals for This Year

by Ariana Puzzo

Despite its founding last March, until writing this article, I knew very little about the Library Leadership or what it entails. Deciding I should get some background knowledge on why it was created and what the group’s goals are, I paid a visit to Jill Maza, the Head Librarian and leader of the group.

After discussing the group’s intentions with her, I learned that the focus of Library Leadership is to not only allow the library to have a greater student role, but to also make the library a more inclusive environment where students can go and read for pleasure.

In an effort to better publicize their group, as well as the library, the Library Leadership group has three sub-categories, each with different directions and goals. The first group’s objective is to work on a greater community outreach, which they do by collaborating with Brookside, MKA’s Primary School.

The second group focuses more on event planning, such as the “Book to Movie” screening they had last year, and how to make better use of the library’s space. (If you are interested in joining the Book to Movie screening this year and watching “Hugo,” it will be shown on November 7th at 3 p.m.) Last year was, as some may recall, this group surveyed students about which magazines we would like the library to order. The third group’s mission is to make reading a bigger priority throughout the community and to learn from us what books we think should be stocked in the library.

This January, freshmen will be allowed to apply to be part of Library Leadership, a position that, thus far, has only been offered to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. So if any of you are interested, come 2013, speak to Ms. Maza or one of the other members about what you can do to join this growing group. •

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